About Me

2013 was a very unlucky year for me!

It started off amazing, New Years day dancing on the roof top of The Ivy in Sydney, to a Hot Creation pool party, in a sexy swimsuit and giant heels.

Then, I got home to the UK and back into work as an account executive for a web design agency.

I had pockets full of beans and was ready to follow my dreams!

Music festival management! I wanted to do a masters at Uni for my dream job to run my very own music festival. I started a small campaign to coincide this degree, The Tea & Toast Tent. on twitter #LoveTATT.

This got going, in the first few months of 2013, along with a new sexy boyfriend, doing me well for a minor bit of fun.


Then…. May 19th I was involved in a serious car crash.

I had a gorgeous cream mini convertible, I flew straight through the roof, it landed on top of me, and I lost my right leg from above the knee, burnt off my left ear, cheek, neck and gave my right boob a dashing uplift! I lost my memory, a horrible “brain bruise” called amnesia.

My head is starting to settle now and I’m feeling good about the future. My new life with a new perspective and new approach, is bright and colourful and things are going to get better.

Completing the Birmingham 10k 2016