Birthday Smiles in Rome

Thank you so much to all of the lovely birthday love shared with me over the last week! I have such lovely friends and family! AND the best boyfriend in the world!!!

Well, where do I start!!?? I’m so incredibly lucky to have such a thoughtful boyfriend who treated me to a romantic weekend in Rome for my birthday on Sunday 12th.

We flew from Stansted on Friday 10th. I drove to RAF Wyton in the incredibly early, excited hours of Friday morning and picked Mike up. We then made our way to Stansted airport where we parked up in the Mid Stay car park and got a shuttle bus to the airport.

I was really looking forward to getting onto the plane for a rest. The hustle and bustle of travelling really tires me out! and to be fair, waking up and getting on the road for 7.45am to try to miss the rush hour traffic, tired me out in itself! I’m not a morning person!

On our hotel roof on arrival Friday afternoon!

I was pretty exhausted after the flight, but we just had to explore the hotel a bit and check out their beautiful roof terrace with amazing views!

Beautiful blue skies

We flew with Ryan Air from Stansted airport to Ciampino in Rome. Then once we landed in Ciampino we got a taxi to the hotel we were staying in which was so beautiful! Their sky bar had such a beautiful view of the city and the Basilica.

Feeling very grateful

We had a tasty breakfast, not far from the hotel Saturday morning and headed to see the Colosseum.

It was so amazing to see! Here are a few pics we took inside.

Thank you to my beautiful sister Alex for letting me borrow her Instamax camera for taking lots of cute images.


We had a lovely meal Saturday night in our hotel restaurant which was really lovely with amazing views of the Basilica, lit up at night! Which we were going to see the next day. My birthday!!!

Seeing the pope on my birthday would certainly be one to remember!

So on Sunday I opened both of my birthday cards from Mike and replied to lots of kind comments and texts from family and friends. It was such a perfect day.

We headed to the Basilica to see Pope Francis and get to mass in the area.

The security into the Vatican was pretty impressive. I’m glad to see that the Pope is safe and well protected, as well as all of their gold and treasures! Everyone in the area was so kind and sweet too. It’s almost like a feeling of togetherness in the air. It was so lovely.

We got a good spot to see Pope Francis doing a short talk from the side wing of the Basilica. Of course I have no idea what he was saying in Italian, but it still was lovely to see him and hear him.

His voice is so soothing too! He really is an incredible man and I’m so happy to have been simply breathing the same air as him on my birthday!

We had a walk around the town and had a bite to eat in a cute restaurant, opposite an Irish bar, which clearly caught my eye!

 As you can see the shutter was down, so we ate in the restaurant across the road and to our luck, the bar opened by the time we finished our bite to eat. So we headed over for some of the black stuff and see a little bit of the rugby.

After this, we heading back in the direction of our hotel. A nice stroll in the sunshine taking in all of the beautiful scenery.

This bar we then stumbled across was so lovely! Ristorante Venerina, I fell in love with the song playing in it too, so I had to take a video so I could find out who it was and download it once I had wifi back at the hotel.

And I did find it! Now in my iTunes.

It seemed like just the perfect song for that particular moment. So thank you to the Villagers for crossing my path just at the right time.

I fell in love with Robert Plants song Rainbow over the weekend too.

Music is such a powerful tool. You always find the best gems when you’re happy inside. Well I do anyway 😉

I can honestly say it was the best birthday I’ve ever had. Thank you so much Mike. You’re such a keeper!

Tonight I was a sponsor for my cousin Jake making his confirmation,  while my sister Alex was Kiera’s  (twin sister) sponsor. I can’t think of two better sponsors for them. Good Irish Catholic girls. (We all know, they’re the worst! :P)

And I have a Christening to attend on Saturday. My old school friend Amy is having her beautiful daughters Christened.  It’s looking like a month of blessings left, right and centre! I’ll be totally safe for my operation in a few weeks time!!

I’ll do another before and after photo in my Instagram, as I did last year with my op. If you’d like to keep tabs on my Instagram page CLICK HERE

I’ll try to look less “special” in the next before and after picture though. Not sure if I can, but we’ll soon see.

I’m being operated on Thursday 30th, so if anyone would like to pop in to visit the QE, I’ll be in the short stay unit, across the bridge. Feel free to visit with fruit, nuts or raisins and chocolate milk, I will be incredibly grateful. Thank you.

Until next time, peace xxx