March: 29-60 of 100 happy days!

March was a WONDERFUL month for me! With lots of lovely events and occasions of truly happy days! It made me think, hang on, these happy days of mine can just keep rolling out! Why stop at 100?   I think the effort of snapping a happy moment each day really helps you to pay attention to the small things that you should be happy about each day. There is no reason to be sad for days on end, no reason at all! Even if you’re mourning  a loved one, it may hurt you a lot, but you just need to use up a few minutes of your day to acknowledge the happiness around you! I shouldn’t compare it to loosing a loved one, that event has luckily passed me and I have never mourned someones death. I’m lucky to have all my loved ones, friends and family all with me. I’m just saying from an outside point of view, you should promote yourself the strength to acknowledge the happiness around you, even in tough, sad, dark times. Just because you’re sad, doesn’t mean the happiness around you ends, it is just your vision of happiness that ends. You should keep your eyes peeled each day for happiness. There is no need to mope and be disheartened, ever! Be happy every day or be blind to not see it.

Day 29: 1st March. A sunny, gorgeous Saturday, waking up in my old bedroom at NannyJs.


Waking up in my old bedroom is always lovely. Sunday dinner at my nannyJs is even lovelier! Such a calm relaxing happy weekend spent with nannyJ. Lots of love for her and her cooking! 
Day 31 – #TBT (Throw back thursday!) A lovely Facebook post from my dear friend Shaheen, in this picture, I was 22 and recently signal after a previous 5 year relationship! YUK! way too young for that shite! Anyway, this night was a zoo project night in Manchester, with this lovely lady and my best friend Lauren Cullen. The weekend I met Josh, my next long term relationship! The night of the naughty zebra! I flashed to Andy Scott Lee! hahaha what a funny night!!!

Day 32: My first swim since the crash and I swam 16 lengths!!! I was rather Impressed with myself, even though I was as slow as the old folk! Starting from the bottom with a leisurely breast stroke! 

Day 33:  My first Taxi ride on my own! Dad dropped me off to my Physio place, The Maltings and gave me taxi money to get home, as he was busy and unable to pick me up. As immature as it sounds, I was very pleased with myself in directing the taxi driver home to my dads. It was only a 10 minute drive but I was very happy with this moment! 

Day 34: The kindest and most thoughtful gift and card I have received this year! From the lovely (poker) Kate. The story behind this old Pear Jam t-shirt is absolutely wonderful and Im so lucky to have this. Such a kind gesture and I’m very grateful! Thank you so much Kate!  
Day 35: WELL DONE ME!!!! haha I found this balloon in the car on the way home from the swimming baths. It was initially a well done card for Anna and her achievements with her Art work, however I had just swam 22 lengths! I was very impressed with myself. It was only my second swim and having a gradual improvement from 16 to 22 lengths, I thought this balloon was directed especially to me and my achievement. 

Furthermore on day 35, I came across a lovely poem, I picked up the word Invictus from the paraolympics and when I looked into this Latin word ‘Invictus’ meaning “Unconquered” I was inspired by this wonderful poem.

Day 36: My beautiful friend ‘Aligwarn’ with a tea and sandwich handed to me on my arrival to my second home. I love a visit to the O’riordan’s house, to visit my beautiful sisters Alice, Fiona and Katie, Momma Rose and pops Andy. The whole family fill my heart and always make me smile. I love you lot!

Day 37: A date with Beautiful baby Bronร gh. So much love for this little lady! And her big brother Tierney! These two stunners have been made so well! Well done my dearest friends Amy and Ryan, such a beautiful little family!

 Day 38: A lovely sunday dinner at my nan and granddad Durkin’s house. Mmmm I love brussle sprouts and I love my Granddad Paki-Joe Durkin, So this caption is full of happiness! Another Great Sunday in Birmingham.

 Day 39: Katie, my Adopted sister from the O’Riordan’s, sent me a photo of her beautiful daughter Florence Hogan, this gorgeous little munchkin always puts a big smile on my face and to wake up to this very cute picture of her giggling, makes me smile every time I look at it! She is so adorable and I seriously love her to bits!

Day 40: My aunty Tee sent me several photos of my little cousin Urban, on her first ski trip with her
daddy, Uncle David. She looks so cool and skis just like a little pro, after seeing the video sent to me along with these photos, this little dude will be skiing in the Olympics in no time! She can give me a few tips for my appearance in the paraolympics too!

Day 41: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAKI-JOE (aka Granddad) It was lovely to see him on his birthdays and have a little celebration!

Day 42: Lovely massage today! Hard life of an amputee ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 43: Having my laptop back after a few days in the IT hospital, getting the screen fixed, put a massive smile on my face! I’m lost these days without my laptop! Especially with all the support on social media sites for my blog posts! I’m a bloggerholic these days and without my laptop for 3 to 4 days was painful man. Reunited with this baby put a very big smile on my face!

Day 44: A lovely lunch date with my darling friend Roisin. This little sweetheart of mine is swanning off to live in the big old smokey town!  I will miss her a lot! All the best in your new life chapter of events my darling. I love you to the moon and back and I will be visiting you all the time once I’ve conquered train journeys with a peg leg.  So keep your eyes peeled for the talent for us both!

Day 45: Relaxing in Nanny Js sunny conservatory on the massage chair. Chilled out and happy, with all the hectic fun going on for the paddy’s parade. I couldn’t handle busy crowds like that just now, id much rather stay in and relax in peace and quiet. I was very disheartened by the fact that all my mates were out having fun until, I get a lovely kind comment from my “aunty” Mary, reassuring me that I’m not missing anything and that chilled out sundays in the sun were better, left to recline and relax!


Day 46: After feeling slightly disheartened at missing the St Patricks parade, only because I had such a good laugh last year working in The Old Crown, I had a mope to my friend Josh. This little gem of mine sent me a lovely strand of messages to wake up to Monday morning! This message put a big heart lifted smile back on my face! It was such a lovely message to wake up to any day! I’m so glad to have this boy as a dear friend. He has a heart of gold and has always been good at picking me up in times of need. Thank you Mr Devey. 

Day 47: Lovely lunch date with these lovely ladies, Catherine and Samantha O’Brien. It was lovely to see COBs new home! Such a cute house, lots of fun will fill those walls in no time! I’m awaiting a good old O’b house party! We are NOT too old for this, it should definitely occur sometime soon. Sam kindly trimmed my mullet off! Phew, that has now gone! I can relax and enjoy some good grub down in the Sun At The Station, which I’ve never eaten in before, it was very nice! It will be good for hangover meals after our house warming parties every weekend! haha 

Day 48: Anna did my nails for me, not only do I have a mullet free hairstyle, I have lovely bright spring nails! Thank you Anna.  

Day 49: YAY! Theresa has arrived home from Gibraltar, with her beautiful baby boy Xiggy getting kisses from nanny Durkin. Love this little cousin of mine! Such a beautiful baby boy!

Day 50: I went to stay at my lovely Aunty Nia’s house for a Sunday morning Buddhist Retreat! I was such a relaxing and delightful experience. Thank you so much Nia! It was great to see you and Elis too. 
Day 51: The best snap chat picture I have every received! From my dear old friend Charlotte, my Topshop colleague back in the day! This put such a smile on my face that I just had to print screen the shot and get it down into my blog of happy days. You made me very happy this day! Thank you! 

 Day 51: Also on this day, as well as receiving a cracking snap chat, I received a lovely treat surprise by my long long beloved hamsa necklace. My mom gave this necklace to me a few years ago and I absolutely LOVED it! I had completely forgotten all about it, I get this buddha statue into my room for a few seconds and looks at the rewards! Respect to Buddha!

Day 52: After a lovely weekend in Birmingham, I wake up at home in Wolverhampton to a very kind thank you card, from the beautiful baby mama Christina. I can’t wait to meet gorgeous little Orla! Lots of love to you 3!

Day 53: Quote of the Day! ๐Ÿ™‚  
Day 53: A lovely dinner date with Dad, Mark, Ben and Kathryn. 

Day 53: Again! I LOVE THIS QUOTE! I’m turning Buddhist by the looks of it! Nan if you’re reading, I am sorry! 

Day 54: Eeeek I’m packing my bag for Ireland! A week away to the green green grass of Lietrim! So excited to see my mom in her new home. This is what the floor will look like in her room as soon as I settle in ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 55: My Amazon books have arrived! I’ll be taking one with me to Ireland! 

Day 56: Happy Birthday Mommy!!! A complete and utter surprise for her, me standing on her doorstep with a gorgeous red velvet cake, a bunch of flowers and a smile ๐Ÿ™‚

 Day 57: Date night with my lovely sis, owl tea and a good film. We stayed in and had a chilled out early night while mom and Richard went down to nan and granddads house for whiskey and natters. I would love to celebrate moms birthdays with them all, but drinking isn’t a good activity for me these days! Best to stay in with Alex and recline after a tiring day of travelling.

Day 58: This very Amazing man, Hugh Herr, was introduced to me via a video link shared to me on Facebook from, the lovely John McTernan – If you want to see the video clip you find it here:  


Day59: The Best daughters ever! Spending time with mom for her birthday and Mothers day! Happy Mothers Day mom, lots of love your two loving daughters! xxx

I waited up all night on mothering Sunday so I could get this announcement down first thing Monday Morning! My Aunty Mary and Uncle Midz are having a baby!!!! I’m so excited for this! Lots and lots of love to all 3 of you beauties!

Day 60 again: A lovely dinner date with my beloved family and Lietrim. I was so so pleased to see my Aunty Theresa here on the right with a green jumper on. I used to love going to visit her in Antrim. So much love for everyone at this table! From left to right, my Grandad, nan, Alex, Richard, mom, aunty Theresa! Love you all so much!

So that’s March in a nutshell. Big events such as my first taxi ride and my first flight! Things I would have done on a  weekly/monthly basis prior to the crash and now it’s seen as a happy event and a successful achievement! Oh how the times have changed. Things are improving, my spirit, technology, my hopes and dreams all  seem achievable. Im cool, calm and collective. Happy 60 Days, only 40 to go, come at me happiness!!


What exactly is amputation?
Amputation is the loss of a limb either surgically or congenitally (born that way).
Mine was a right above knee amputation. 
Do you regret it?
Obviously, I regret the actions that resulted in my amputation, driving in a dangerous way. I don’t regret the change in my life. I have a more peaceful and stress free life at the minute. I have no worries at all and I am a much happier, stress free Jacko.  

I miss my old life a lot some days, however my new life is much more interesting and full of the same ambitions and drive. My new life as an amputee is a blessing and I have so much hope and anticipation. I have lots of exciting ideas and my dreamworld is much easier to strive towards. 
What’s the best thing that has happened to you in the last 12 months?
Apart from surviving a terrible car crash, I’d say, having two new gorgeous cousins brought into the world. I love my aunty Eve and her new baby Jack Elliot and I adore the Quach family! My Aunty Theresa and her new beautiful baby boy Xavier Ignaius ( AKA Xiggy! ) 
They are both such gorgeous little smiley boys and I love them with all my heart. 
Who are your biggest inspirations? Can be people you know or people you don’t but find inspiring.
Well, I’ve been hunting for a young amputated girl who i could befriend and talk to about similar problems etc. however I stumbled across Amy Purdy and thought she was cool, she is a big inspiration for me at the minute. I want to achieve the things she has conquered. I want to be looking beautiful and dancing in heels as well as representing my country in the paraolympics! She is my inspiration on many levels. 

Closer to home, however, my aunty Theresa is a massive inspiration to me, she always has been and always will be. Her comforting words of advice have always been a heart lifting experience. I will always turn to her for advice and guidance and she always has and continues to tunnel me through dark patches and helps me get on track and aiming in the right direction. My angel that is always there for me and I always turn to in times of need

Can you actually polish the toe nails?
I haven’t done so far, however I have seen other polished toenails on prosthetic legs. My Leonard is still in his early days, I’m trying so hard to polish up my ability to walk before I even consider decorating him with nail polish. I never really painted my toe nails prior to the crash anyway, I don’t really have a thought to. 
Did the amputation hurt?
Probably. I don’t remember any feeling of pain, I was dosed up for a long time and my memory is very talented at blocking out the nasty bits. I don’t recall any pain at all. Although I’m sure there was, bit of a stupid question really. 
How did you get the amputation?  Did it affect your memory?
I crashed my car and it landed on top of me. I did have a pinch of Amnesia, my memory during my hospital time was pretty humours and I’ve heard lots of stories from visitors about my short term memory. 
You are such a new amputee, what do you have to offer other amputees, being so inexperienced (yes, a real question)?
I really don’t know to be honest. I haven’t really thought about it like that. I don’t feel like I can offer other amputees anything but friendship. I’ve made friends with Tom and Rav, 2 amputees at The Maltings, my physio place. We get on well and support each other. I’m off to Limp Power events in May which will introduce me to many amputees, so I’ll see how I can help them and vis versa.
Are you REALLY as positive as you portray yourself to be?
Yes, Im not one for holding back on emotions with friends and family. If I was ever feeling sad – which I honestly don’t think I have – I would let them know. I’m just looking forward and working towards goals I’ve set myself and I’m excited about these goals and just want to stay focused and I haven’t got time or energy to feel negative. 
Where do you expect this blog to take you?
I just want to get my 100 happy days down and dialogued really. I haven’t really thought of what to do after that. I’m very new to the blogging world and I’m not quite sure what the craic is with it all. I’m just going to see what happens. It has already given me extra support from lovely comments from so many people on Facebook, it’s amazing to see how far it’s stretched through people sharing the link. 
What is the funniest comment anyone made to you about your leg?
My gorgeous adorable cousin Urban called my thigh my little leg and chanted, “you’ve got a little leg, you’ve got a little leg” I thought it was funny and waved it in the air while she chanted around me. 

Who reacts better, kids or adults?
Definitely kids!  they have no filters and are so curious!  They ask questions and donโ€™t pretend it doesnโ€™t exist.  I think adults are so worried about being PC or offending me that they just stare or ignore it.

Would you rather have gone through what you have OR be told you’re gradually going blind with a maximum of 19 years left?
I’m partially blind in one eye anyway, and my sight is a bloody mess! SO I’d defiantly go for the gradually going blind with a maximumof 19 years left. I would have the same figure and ability to get married and have kids and see all the major important things. So in 19 years I will be 44/45 and I would then have an eye transplant or something.

What has been the best piece of advice you’ve received since your accident? 
Have faith in that things will work out and life will be good. Keep your head up and look forward. (Words from my aunty Theresa.)

 If you were a biscuit, what biscuit would you be?

Jaffa Cake. 

February – 28 VERY happy days

So, this was certainly a good month to start the ‘happy days’ project! I’ve struggled to limit myself to 1 photo a day! 

Day 1:

So, my first snap was taken during my visit to the O’Riordan’s, my adopted family! Alice, the wonderfully talented lady, baked me this yummy marble cake. I always get fed well at the sisters house!

Love a visit to this bunch of lovely people! Momma Rose always puts a big smile on my face. I love all of them to the moon and back. Thank you for cheering me up so much with tea, cake and giggles.

You will see this bunch pop up in my 100 happy days several times. I visit my grandparents in Birmingham most weekends and a visit isn’t complete without a get-together with the O’Riordans/Hogans!

Day 2: Was a photo of a father and daughter hugging, with the caption; 
A lovely quote that made me smile. I love you Dad! โ€ฆ Now go find me a frigging Prince!


   Day 3: Waking up to a snap of this little rascal, put a big smile on my face! Love this little man, Tierney. 
Day 4: My nanny J on the back of a moped in Paris! 

Day 4 was a very happy day for me, with a couple of captions which just had to be snapped. Two classic images that were sent to me by family members that day and a screen shot of my Facebook status which summed up just how happy this Day 4 was!

Day 4: Xiggy looking as cute as ever sucking his thumb  

Day 4: A caption of my Facebook Status:

“So I’m doing a smile a day for 100 days on Instagram. Today at the QE I had a total audience due to the fact that i had 1% chance that the nerve in my face would even work! They’re taking me for a full on photo shoot and a video of this astonishing smile I have ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s been said before, anytime folks.”  

This status shows just how amazed everyone, including myself, was at the limited optimism as to the progress in my operation. They did try their best to restore a nerve in my face to get it working again, but 1%, it sound like it was a stab in the dark really. The strength I have inside, along with the positivity I have been able to hold, has clearly paid off. The only way is up! 
Day: 5 
A lovely few gifts from my gorgeous sister Alex, who had been to Ireland to visit mom.

Day 6: Going for a walk with my dad, walking Sammy and Sally through the park, in the rain. It’s great to get out in the fresh air, progress with my walking and see these two having great time hunting in the park for left over food! Sammy the greedy scavenger!

Day 7: I was back in Birmingham for the weekend. This was a Friday night date to Nandos with 3 of my truly beautiful and heart lifting friends. Love these ladies a lot man! Elaine, Catherine and Mary, big peri-peri kisses to you three! xxx

Day 8: I was staying at Nanny Durkin’s house and they had a gorgeous open fire roaring away and setting a lovely, homily atmosphere to my stay their that night. Until, all of a sudden that roaring fire sound got louder and louder, a small spark had flew up the chimney and it was smocking a lot. The chimney was on fire! So, of course the fire brigade had to come along and sort it out. After a few hours of scraping the chimney breast clear, we all sat down together in my nanny Ds living room. We had a chat with the firemen whilst they sipped a cup of tea. Astonishingly, they remembered me from my accident. They heard all about it and it was their team that were called out to save me! It turns out, they all thought I had died! So to meet me that night was amazing!

Day 9: I went to the Cullen’s house, round the corner from the Durkin’s, for a Sunday lunch. It was so lovely to see Irene, Frank and Alex. Lauren was out this day, working I think, but it was so lovely to see everyone else. This put several smiles on my face! So much love for this family!

Day 10: A lovely caption I saw on Instagram, posted by my sister in law, Grace, who tagged me in it. I thought, you know what, that is me!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

D ay 11: My gorgeous Aunty Tee and beautiful little cousin Xiggy. Love the Quach family with all my heart!

Day 12:

There’s noting better than a sleepover with your best friend, along with a bag full of these lovely treats! 

Day 13: I went back with Lauren to her house after she stayed over at mine, and my visit to the Cullen’s is always a lovely treat! Always has been and always will be! A lovely cup of tea with a side of truffles and chocolate hedgehog. A happy full belly at Cullen’s.   The chocolate hedgehog was just like the ones we used to have at school! Bloody gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚
Day 14: February 14th Valentines Day!!  My first ‘single’ one in like over 10 years! Crazy! A little daughnting too. However it was a smiley day for me when I received the best card EVER from my gorgeous wonderful friend, Roisin. So much love for this girl! Thank you. 
Day 15: I spent this weekend at Nanny D’s, on my arrival I received a late card from my gorgeous sis. Thank you so much my darling, I love you with all my heart!  
Day 16: Today was Baby Brady shower, round at Amy’s house. I was excited to see Tierney this day as well as everyone else. We had a lot of giggles together and a nice little spread. Excited to meet little miss Brady in the next few days! Her arrival was only a few days off. 
Day 17: My beautiful baby niece Isabelle at her daddy’s birthday party.  Big happy Birthday to my wonderfully ancient brother Daniel. 27! Shit you’re old!

Day 18: I went to the Malting this morning, my physico place, which I should start snapping really, I do have a lot of happy times there chatting away to my new buddies in a similar situation to me. Tom and Perveen are my new mates there, we play together on the Wii fit and try and do all of the sports and stuff.  I’m sure I’ll get them in here at some point before the 100 days are up! I went for a meal for my mate Zosia’s birthday this evening. in a lovely restaurant in Kings Heath, Birmingham. Byzantium’s. I bloody love this place! Anyway, I digress, before heading to birmgham for this meal, I had a nose on the One Black Bear website, my old job. I came across a really lovely news section that they had dedicated to me the week of my accident.
Thank you to all the wonderful people at One Black Bear.

Day 19:  Picking up a couple of treat like this for the car journey to cornwall but a very big smile on my face! We were off to the eden project for a lovely weekend by the beach.

Day 20: Lovely fresh air but the sea! So happy to be standing on the sandy Cornwall beach

Day 21: Getting my face painted at The Eden Project was definitely the highlight for me! 
A few photos were taken during our lovely weekend down in Cornwall. We picked up some lovely chocolates at the Eden Project! All with an unusual kick to them, like the dark chocolate with chilli! So tasty! We also went to the Hidden Gardens of Heligan, which was very cool. I even had a go on the tree swing, which was brilliant!  I was wearing a very cool Donkey hat, which I LOVED! You can see, I put this down in my Day 22.The coolest Hat an Mitts EVER! 

Day 22:  

Day 23: Sunday at Catherine’s house in Moseley, Birmingham, for the gorgeous Christina’s baby shower!

Day 24: Bronagh Brady arrived!!! The arrival of this little beaut definitely made me smile! So happy for Amy and Ryan on their new perfectly gorgeous daughter! Tierney new little sister. What an amazing cute family. I also completed a very nice photo frame for my room, containing happy snaps of all my wonderful pals, and my gorgeous sister Alex in the middle, hugging me on my 24th birthday.

Day 25: Again a lovely quotation was found on Instagram, which I just had to keep myself and add it to my 100 happy days, it is a real pick-me-up picture which my Aunty Tee sent to me. Little wise words really do inspire and lift you up. Its a great way to start your day.

Day 26: A cup of tea to start the day in my favourite mug, from my best friend Lauren. She really is my soulmate! The love of my life. Also, I sipped my tea out of this special mug of mine whilst I signed up for the Limp Power event. I’m very excited about this weekend retreat. I’ll be running on a blade in no time!

Day 27: I went with Anna for a lovely back massage, eye-lash tint and curl and eyebrow waxed and tinted. What a lovely little treat.  
Day 28: Anna achieved an award for her art work, this had to be celebrated! We all went for a meal Candle lit Rioja at the Bellagio was a lovely evening with a great end to the month. Smiles all-round. Well done Anna! 

So, thats a run down of my 28 happy days of February. March, come at me! 

Thanks Dad! Hello Leonard!

So, before I crack on with this 100 happy days, it must be highlighted that this little project would have fell at the first hurdle if it wasn’t for my wonderful father, Paul Jackson. This man has helped me more than you can begin to imagine. He’s done so much for me during all this time of shitness, in order to make me happy and stay positive.

From trips to the safari park durning my dull time in hospital, to building me a friggin apartment to arrive home to. 
He has almost doubled in size his house in order to have a comfortable place for me to wake up in a positive mood every day. His kindness and generosity is astronomical and I love him so much.
I’m so lucky to have a dad this wonderful, I truthfully don’t know where Id be right now if it wasn’t for him. Thank you dad, you really are the best in the world and I love you with all my heart. 
My 100 happy days started on Instagram on 1st Feb, therefore I will collate them together each month with added commentary explaining each snap. The 100th Day falls magically 6 days before my anniversary! Day 100 is on 13th May. They call your amputation/accident date your anniversary, however my new leg has a name, Leonard. His 1st birthday is on 19th May. Celebrations will be held for this wonderful day. A far more enlightened and cheerful approach than an ‘anniversary’, as if someone has died. I would much rather proclaim this date as a celebratory birthday for my new loved body part, Leonard. 

100 happy days

100 happy days – why am I doing this? I want to improve the nerve in my face more than anything, my face is the most important part of my body, for the many expressions I can hold for different circumstances, the face can tell 1,000,000 stories and I don’t just want my appearance back, (I had an amazing smile with great dimples and true happiness through my smiley eyes) its my identity, I don’t want any of that lost. Its not a mode of vanity, where I’m worried I won’t be as pretty as I once was, its down to my smile. It shines happiness and I want to be happy inside and out, through my smile again. I don’t want that high part of my identity to be lost. If this was a case of being vain in any way then I would be moping about my leg and try to empliphase on the fact that they were my golden goose part of the body. My legs were my most attractive asset I do believe. Maybe not to everyone, but to me. They were the part of my body that I was really impressed about and I always had them out flexing those sexy calves in a nice St Tropez dressing and killer 6″ heels. Now THEY were my best feature, in terms of attracting a young lad on a night out, I think. Whereas my smile, my facial identity. that told the world a story of happiness. some chapters were not so happy in this life story, but my smiley face was the best caption of happy times on a daily basis, nights out with my friends were the main trail of these happy smiles. Out with the girls, all dressed up and having a ball. I was mainly out with Corrin and Roisin in the first few months of 2013. this was the unlucky year for me that I will start mopping  on about to get this blog of happy times going!
So for the people who don’t know me or my story, here I go. Feel free to skip this chapter if you’ve heard me moan enough. Im sure I have had down times with close family and friends. 
May 19th 2013, I was out for a girls night with Corrin and Roisin. I had bought sexy green shorts to flex the lovely (fake) tanned legs of mine. I had even had the full works done this Saturday, my eyebrows tinted and threaded, my bikini line all sorted, my nails all lovely and painted, ready to go! We all stared off in The Crown, in Digbeth, Birmingham. Had a few drinks there and met a friend, Little Lauren. Then off to a bar round the back of Digbeth called Spotlight.
 I stupidly wondered off in a state and ended up at walk about on Broadstreet. Luckily, and also unluckily, my recently ex-boyfriend came and picked me up and dropped me home, where I was tucked into bed and left to wake up with a rotting hangover. But instead I didn’t wake up for a good few weeks, in fact I was in a coma and didn’t wake up until my sister’s birthday on 31st May. What had happened was, I got back into my car, which was sitting on my drive. My nan heard me leave the house and ran out frantically to stop me from driving off in the state I was in, I shouldn’t have got out bed! I sped off the drive and around the corner, about 1/2 a mile away, I clipped a tree on the left and my car flew into the air, did a few summersaults, sent me flying through the roof, then crashed on the opposite side of this residential dual carriage way. A lady heard the crash and came running over to me. She lay on the floor with me until the fire brigade & ambulance arrived. We had the same PJ bottoms on, Bonnie, the little angel saved my life! 

They managed to get get me out and into an ambulance, straight to the QE hospital, in Birmingham. My burnt face was covered up, left to heal, my right leg was amputated from above the knee and bandaged up to heal. No pain was felt, or at least I don’t remember any painful feelings, I was dosed up for a long time. I didn’t leave the hospital until late September, it wasn’t a great summer at all. Although I had lots of lovely visits from family and friends, so I was very lucky to have such a strong circle of people around me. It helped me a lot.

So, now that horrible scenario is done and dusted, I just want to stay positive and happy. My friend Mary started her 100 happy days on Instagram and I thought, what a brilliant idea. I started this up for myself in February 1st 2014. I decided I should start a dialogue to coincide these pictures, to help with my memory and share my experiences with the world. This is why I’ve started my very own blog.