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MTV Gibraltar Calling

I had THE BEST time in Gibraltar last weekend.

I flew over on Friday 1st September, what a wonderful start to the new month!

I just want to say a massive thank you to my beautiful Aunty Tee, whose birthday it was yesterday!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! AND

Thank you for such an amazing time with all of your beautiful friends. I had a great time and I’ll cherish all of the smiles it gave me.

I especially loved my main man Craig David. God he is good, a true gentleman with a heart of gold too. Thanks for putting on such a good performance and making everybody feel special.

I’ll never forget our little encounter at work last year – such a lovely guy!


I’ve gone and done it again!!! Yay another medal!

Thank you to the kind people who have sponsored me for this. Your donations are really appreciated and make the sore bottom, from socket rub, that little bit more worthwhile!

I completed a soaking wet 5k run yesterday morning. It was torrential rain over Birmingham and my dearest friends Fiona & Bethany, who are training for the Birmingham 1/2 marathon kindly did this run too. They kindly waited at the end of the race, in the rain, to cheer me on at the finish line.

I’m sure that they could have done an extra couple of laps in the time that it took me to finish! I walked most of the corners and puddled areas and my gosh there were a few.

A drowned rat after my 5k

I have a serious problem. Why can’t I just run casually in the park and enjoy the sunshine and the birds?  Why do I feel such an urge to do a fundraising run!? Come rain or shine!? – In this case, rain, and lots of it too!

I decided to do this for Changing Faces, a charity very close to my heart, whom I’ve recently become a volunteer for. I’ll enjoy getting more involved with this charity and hopefully help to raise their platform even more to people with various facial differences.

If you’d like to kindly donate for my run please do pop a penny into their donation pot CLICK HERE or if you’d like to make a cash donation to me to post, I have a sponsorship form that I’ll be posting at the end of this week, Friday 15th.

Thank you to those who have already made a donation, it is really kind of you to support people, like me, living with facial differences. This charity does so much to empower those living day to day struggles. Like my dear friend Tulsi…..

Beauty comes from within… Be Beautiful xxx

P.S Thank you to my darling boyfriend for proof reading  for me again. (I did get a 2:1 at UofB somehow, honest!) xxx

Introducing the modern day Wonder Woman -@Iskra ‏Lawrence

Here is a lovely video from the beautiful Iskra Lawrence. I have so much respect for this beautiful lady and love following her on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

I’ve been following Iskra for a while now, I found her first of all with her TEDx Talk “Ending the pursuit of perfection….”

??Model in NY ✨ Real Role Model ✨Creator of NEDAinspires + ambassador ✨Self-Care Advocate ✨Instagram ✨ YouTuber ?

Thank you Iskra for all the incredible work you do empowering others and filling women with confidence that they may be lacking.

Self Compassion

After a chat with my wonderful councillor Abeda, she suggested that I do a blog post on Self-compassion, after discussing my lack of it…

So first of all I thought that I’d find a good description detailing what I mean by ‘self compassion’.

So here are a few definitions;

  • Self-kindness vs. Self-judgment. Self-compassion entails being warm and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate, rather than ignoring our pain or flagellating ourselves with self-criticism.
  • With self-compassion, we give ourselves the same kindness and care we’d give to a good friend. – Dr Kristin Neff
  • Refuse self-pity. Refuse it absoulutley. It is a deadly thing with power to destroy you. – Elisabeth Elliot
  • Self -pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything good in the world – Helen Keller
  • Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) is used to treat problems associated with shame, self-criticism and self-hate, which can be features of anxiety, depression, psychosis and strongly associated with childhood trauma.
  • Paul Gilbert (2011) says “compassionate mind training helps people develop and work with experiences of inner warmth, safeness and soothing, via compassion and self-compassion.”

I am very proud of the fact that I don’t have an inch of self-pity in my life. My heart goes out to anyone who does. I imagine that it’s a horrible way to live your life.

Of course, I’m human, and some days I may feel like things aren’t going the way that I want them to. But not for one minute did I look at a bad situation with a negative thought and a wallowing self-pity. The thought of even entertaining that level of emotion makes me feel uneasy.

When I discussed emotional things with Abeda, I opened up to her and a flood of tears were released from my tear ducts. Those tear drops were loving it!!!! They hadn’t escaped for a very long time, so they went crazy dancing down my cheeks like they were having a tear party.

With self-compassion, we give ourselves the same kindness and care that we’d give to a good friend. I don’t always do that if I’m honest. I mean, I don’t treat myself too badly, but I rarely check up on myself to see how I’m coping. I never give myself that hug and rarely do I ever pat myself on the back after a good effort.

To be fair not a lot of people do give themselves a pat on the back. Firstly, it would look weird, but secondly we’re almost too “modest” to give ourselves recognition of our good work or efforts.

I really need to not beat myself up when I don’t workout/run for a few days, or when I eat meat on an ‘off’ day as a pescetarian, or when I have a REALLY off day and have KFC! Always regret eating it afterwards too.

We are all human and we all make mistakes. We don’t need reminding of these mistakes all the time though. We can never improve our lives if we are focusing on the things that go wrong.

Getting on with life and focusing on the positives was my coping mechanism from my car accident. It’s not “inspirational” it’s just getting on with life and trying to be happy.

We should focus on the things that will make our lives better. The positives that will improve whatever bad situation we find ourselves in.

IF I ever decide to have a child (1 child max) I will teach them to be self-compassionate throughout life, which will hopefully shape their mind in a strong and positive way.

Shaping a young mind is hard work! I’m so not ready to take on that job yet. I’m still reshaping mine at the minute!

Please be kinder to yourself and be sure to be self compassionate rather than self-pitying your situation in hard, testing times.

Remember, the compassion you deserve is not self-indulgence.


Before I tell you about my fabulous time with STEEL BONES at RAF Mildenhall,


Katie;s getting hitched
Old biddies hen weekend!
Princess Katie

I can’t believe this was 6 years ago!!!! I will never forget the pain that those bridesmaid shoes caused me! Super high!! (A pain I do not miss!) And I was still a little midget!

I loved that beautiful day so much, thank you for having me as part of it. Lots of love to you all xxx Katie, Michael, Flo & Mikey-Jo xxx

I had such an amazing day on Friday!

After work Thursday evening I drove down the A14 (my new favourite road). It was such a lovely drive.

The sun was shining and Arcade Fire’s new album Everything Now took me all the way to Cambridge with a big smile on my face.

I really love these guys and was so happy to hear that they were doing a new album and touring!

I immediately brought x2 tickets to see them. It’s not until April next year, but I’ve got 2 tickets and hopefully I’ll make it and have a great time.

If you’d like to get a ticket to see them in Birmingham Genting Arena CLICK HERE

So I stepped foot into USA grounds at RAF Mildenhall on Friday…

I was attending an event held by the incredible organisation, Steel Bones.

To see them on Facebook CLICK HERE

I was first and foremost happy to see the two from the three musketeers...

 Mark and Hannah.

I shared a room with Hannah on Thursday night in a travelodge, not too far from the Mildenhall camp site.

Emma & Hannah and Me

Hannah sharing the love with her blade! The love is so real!!

We all met up at a Road Chef on that complex, for a bite to eat and natter between everyone.

It was so lovely to meet so many new friendly faces. (I’m sorry I’ve forgotten everyones names, but I will not forget all of the giggles that we had.)

It was so lovely to see new faces and make a few new friends.

The excitement just couldn’t keep me asleep. I woke up really early Friday morning, must have been the excitement for the day of fun ahead.

The men and women on the camp were so friendly and welcoming to us all. We had to go through a security check at the start, however, I somehow forgot to bring my driving license. It is lucky that I had a photo of my driving licence on my phone.

It was rather surreal though. It really did feel as though we were in the US when everyone around had an accent and there were such huge foreign looking vehicles around the camp.

It was crazy. I was frantically looking around for Channing Tatum and The Rock to show up!

No, CT aside, there were some very attractive young American lads on camp. They were all really friendly and helpful too. It was a lovely day full with really lovely people.

Thank you RAF Mildenhall


I loved the dog training that was displayed for us too. That was pretty cool.

 All in all, it was such a lovely day. I particularly liked the running class that Mark was coaching, along with other coaches. Everyone attempted to run, even on their every day legs, which I thought was brilliant!

I was always too scared to run on my everyday leg, as I didn’t trust the knee joint and thought it would buckle on me. It just goes to show that our biggest fears are mainly created through our limited self-belief.

You don’t NEED a blade prosthesis to run. If you really want to run you can try your hardest and you can do it on your everyday NHS leg.

Look at me! Can’t take my eyes off that beauty can I! LOVE IT!

However, the blade does give you so much more confidence to push yourself further. I am so proud of Mark and all he does to empower and encourage others. I will be forever grateful for your super kindness in raising money for my blade, as I’m sure Hannah is for me getting hers.

It’s such a lovely ripple effect of kindness and empowering others. I cannot wait to push this kindness on to someone else now…. but who will it be???? This one is going to be a total surprise for someone 😉  as it was for me.

For anyone out there feeling lonely and trapped because of their disability, please do get in touch with Steel Bones and follow the work they do. Such lovely friendly people.

“You are not alone, we are dedicated to helping civilian amputees.”

To read more about them on their website CLICK HERE

So after a full day of running, meeting and greeting, I was fairly drained of energy. But I didn’t have time to rest!

I drove into Cambridge to meet a friend and we went to see some live music in a cute country pub called The Corner House, where there were a few acts playing.

I do love my live music and although I was very tired from all the running, it was a really good night. Thank you Mike.

Can’t wait for the Gin festival next weekend and then seeing my work friend Jodie, playing in The Distillery Saturday night. To see She Beat Music on Facebook CLICK HERE

Talking of music, I’ll be seeing Ricky bloody Martin at the Gibraltar Rocks festival in September!!!! Living La Vida Loco

I cannot wait!!!! So excited for this now. If you’d like to see their line up CLICK HERE

I’ve been seeing so many snapchat stories with people at music festivals and it’s making me itch with excitement for this!!

They’ll be endless smiles here with myself, Tee, David and some of their friends. It’s going to be really lovely.

Until next time, peace xxx

Wimbledon with Tabitha

My gorgeous friend Tabitha so kindly invited me to join her on a little trip to Wimbledon!

My lovely friend Mary sent me this video of her gorgeous son Freddie pointing me out on the TV telling me he loved me! Melted my heart when I saw this. So cute!!! I love you too Freddie!!! And Felix of course,

Thank you Tabitha for having me as your date for this lovely day.

There is something really special with having afternoon tea with your dearest friend on a beautiful sunny day at Wimbledon ? 

I’m very lucky to have this lady in my life. She certainly makes me smile.

Push Your Limits – Every. Damn. Day.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Massive THANK YOU to my incredibly kind and supportive friend Fabio for inviting myself and Hannah to a session of wake-boarding last Saturday.

The main goals are to share the attitude to live and love a limitless life without being scared to fail, because it is part of the progression and learning process.

As part of Fabio’s project for F-YourLimits – (which I think is a bloody great name for it, well done Fabio!) Hannah and I hit the water like a pair of amputee water babies!

I briefly met Fabio at an Arctic One event in May, (to see it on Facebook CLICK HERE)

I spoke about this event in a previous blog post, but to any new readers it was a para-triathlon, where Fabio and Hannah did the full circle, I did the 5k running section. I’m not too good on a bike and was too much of a wimp to do the lake swim!

Bravo to these two for completing the full thing in a really good time too!

Fabio & his lovely girlfriend Sara
Me finishing the 5k run
Hannah doing the full triathlon, with Mark & I cheering her across the finish line.

So I first saw an amputee in action on a wakeboard with my friend Jack Eyers who has a rather Bond like picture done with Models of Diversity. Great shot Jack!   

I have also seen the truly inspirational Amy Purdy on a board. A different type of amputation to myself and Jack but facing equal potential difficulties.

But fun, when overcoming a difficulty is SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!

Myself and Hannah with the lovely guy who owns WakePlus

The weather was so gorgeous for us too down at Wakeplusm- to see this place on Facebook CLICK HERE

This event was part of Fabio’s  F-yourlimits project that Fabio has created to inspire and encourage others with watersports.    The project is in collaboration with Wakeplus, ArcticOne, Alps Italy and Addicted Wake. If you’d like to know more about Fabio’s project and to see when you can get involved, do get in touch. You can like Fabio’s Facebook page when you CLICK HERE 

If you’d like to read Hannah’s review on this event CLICK HERE 

You can also see Fabio’s review on this when you CLICK HERE

Stay tuned for the next blog post of smiles for an update on my time at Wimbledon tomorrow. SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!! Thank you so much to my darling Tabitha! Such a kind friend for inviting me. To see an update on this event CLICK HERE

Until next time, byeeeee xxx

Love is Power <3


There is so much love in my life right now and I’m so ridiculously lucky to have such incredible family and friends.

I want to take this space and time to thank you all for the love you share with me and let you know how immensely grateful I am to be blessed with you all.

You know who you are, I love you! xxx

Also,  I went to see Wonder Woman in the week with my friend Mike (The honorable, The incredible), and OH MY GOD! I have fallen head over heel with the gorgeous Israeli actress Gal Gadot-Varsano.

Gadot is primarily known for her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe, starting with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), continuing as the lead in Wonder Woman. 

  • Gadot was born and raised in Israel.
  • At age 18 she was crowned Miss Israel 2004.
  • She then served two years as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces where she was a combat trainer.
  • She began studying at IDC Herzliya college before pursuing modeling and acting.

Israel puts great emphasis on everybody being able to fight, which is why women are included in national service. It’s really forward thinking and they lead the way in female combat.

What a woman!!! She should inspire all women to do more with their lives too, I hope she has.

She certainly has for me. I’m not going to acting school and I doubt I’d be much help in combat, but she’s filled me with confidence to strive to achieve my goals and to make sure I always have some in place.

My goals right now are to become financially smart and buy my own property, however I’m not sure I can do it with my part time income. I’m not changing jobs though,  I love it too much at Free Radio, I will not be leaving all of the lovely people in that office!

I could do with another, maybe morning receptionist, job somewhere though. Hmmm I’ll get things sorted for myself soon anyway. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

I will be in my own place before the year is out! I promise to myself that goal WILL be achieved! #GirlPower 

Now I should write more here about the AMAZING time I had on a Wakeboard yesterday down at Taplow Lake with the lovely Fabio and my friend Hannah. We had such a great time and my arms are killing me today!

I feel this session needs a whole dedicated blog post with pictures and videos included though. My arms are too sore to do all of that today so I’ll save my energy to dedicate a post about it on Wedneday, once Fabio has video footage for me to include too. Can’t wait to see it all and share with you soon.

Until next time, stay lovely xxx

#SSS Get Back Up


Gregg Plitt

Fathers Day

Men in Tight Tights! 

Bauer Media Awards

 Cowgirls & Graham!!

Water Fights 

Sarah in the sky! 

Gregg Plitt

You go after things, you try, even if you fail you get back up and you continue to try and fail, continue to try and fail. Ensuring you never fail to try.

Failure is part of the recipe for success. It’s the loser’s that fail once and quit, every winner has done failure, the winner and the looser have done failure, it’s just that the winner gets back up and does it again” – Gregg Plitt

 I’ve failed many times in my life, but I’m certainly not a quitter! Keep pushing forward and with a smile on your face and above all, just enjoy life. Appreciate the small things and work on the big ones you’ve not yet got.

I’m looking to get my own place so badly at the minute. It’s SO HARD to do it on your own with just one income. I fall in love far too quickly too. I saw one property in Bournville Village which I seriously fell in love with. I could picture myself in there, with a big smile on my face. I pictured making myself breakfast there and dancing around my living room in my PJs, – I don’t wear a leg in my PJs so I’m not sure where that made up image came from! haha.

Probably eating beans on toast 5 days a week, but with a massive smile on my face! It broke my little heart after seeing a mortgage adviser with my dad. As it’s shared ownership, it is suppose to help first time buyers to get a mortgage. To get onto the property ladder.

My little heart broke when I visited a mortgage adviser and it was made evident to me that it would be too much of a struggle on my own, with just my own income. (So I jumped straight back on to Tinder :P)

Jokes, I don’t want someone for their money, although a millionaire boyfriend would be lovely. Tinder can you add a filter for ‘current income’ please?

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the lovely dad and granddad’s out there and ones who have sadly passed.

As my lovely dad is away in Vegas for Father’s Day this year, me and my brother Daniel (his two favorites :P)  decided to take him for a meal before he left.

So we went to a lovely restaurant called The Mount Hotel, as he likes it there. If you’d like to check it out and book a table CLICK HERE

The food is delicious there. I really enjoyed it and I’m sure he did too. Daniel and I went halves on the bill to stop him from paying, which is a real rarity for him, so I’m sure he appreciated it.

It’s such a lovely hotel actually. They often hold weddings there, so you can assume how beautiful it must be. I don’t know anyone who’s currently engaged but if you do, please do pass this venue on to them for an option. It’s a lovely venue in a beautiful location.(Yes Wolverhampton does have a few of them, promise)

So I’m sending ALL of my ridiculous levels of luck over to Vegas with dad, so he can win enough to help me buy a house 🙂 – did you notice my previous subtle compliments to butter him up. 😛

Men in Tight Tights!

I had a lovely evening date with my gorgeous friend Tabitha to see the Ballet last Wednesday. We met at our special meeting place Chung Yin Gardens for a bite to eat and a catch up.

This girl is the best at Chinese buffets, she always picks the yummiest. Although we were too late for dim sum (my favorite) we had a lovely duck dish in plum sauce, delicious! Then after a good natter and catch up of our colourful love lives, we headed to the Hippodrome for a lovely performance called Coppelia.

Damn those people work so hard to get that fit and able. It inspired me to try harder and build up my fitness even more. I need to keep myself going if I’m planning on doing Nuclear Blast in September, with my good friend Rob. I mentioned this with a video in a previous post if you’d like to open it in a new page to check it out CLICK HERE  

Now as fabulous as the entire show was, I must say, my favourite part was when there were 9 muscley men in tights on stage. How delightful those peachy bottoms were.

They all (men & women) work so hard and it certainly pays off. Fab show!

Bauer Media Awards

So on Friday morning I woke early to get my rollers out! Wasn’t too impressed with the hair if I’m honest. Should have used my curling wand that my mom got me for Christmas that I STILL haven’t used!

My ‘mini-me’ Alex did my fake tan Thursday night and my lovely nan put my hair up in rollers.  I didn’t sleep much with these in my hair. I had to make an effort for the awards, you don’t know who you might meet there 😉

It was a lovely day, but the continuous drinking in the sunshine sure did wear me out! My favourite part of the awards was actually the train journey home with a good old sing song. I do love a tipsy sing song! And we belted out some corkers on the journey from London Euston back to Birmingham New Street.  Some great talent guys!

When we got back to New Street, a few of us went over to Brew Dog for a couple, I only had one here though. I was conscious of drinking too much and feeling crap all weekend, which I kind of have been actually. But with my favourite singer THE Graham Buxton playing at Fletchers on Saturday, I had to save at least some energy to enjoy that.


 Cowgirls & Graham!!

Although I returned home on Friday a little worse for wear. I still go up for a park run Saturday morning! So proud of myself for doing it too! Woohoo! Go me!!! Thanks to anyone who prayed for me!

It was so hard in the heat and with a hangover.

I ran off the booze though and nearly collapsed after doing it! You’d think that would have killed me and I would knock Saturday on the head. You’d think wrong!

After the run, I went to my darling niece Isabelle’s 4th Birthday party!

Now this was a far more testing time for me then the run! My head felt like it was going to explode in a room full of energetic 4 year olds!  So glad I’m single and nowhere near reproduction. I don’t have a maternal bone in my body! They say it comes with age but I seriously doubt it right now.

It was cowboys themed party too! MY FAVOURITE TYPE OF FANCY DRESS!!!

Now, if I was more prepared for this, I would have dug out an old costume and gone to it wholeheartedly getting involved! Unfortunately I could just about communicate so needed to get out after an hour of kids singing. I made a great little friend in there though! A young girl called Sky. She was such a little darling! Her parents must be so proud of her! I hope to see her again, new little bestie!

Instead of resting after this, I popped round to my good friend Pat’s for a soft drink in the sunshine. I was planning on being the designated driver and drinking soft drinks, but Pat kindly advised me to enjoy myself and get a taxi. I definitely enjoyed the night fully under this suggestion, more fully than expected in fact. Thank you Pat 😉

Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to the superstar, Graham Buxton!! This guy is pure talent. If you saw him on X Factor you’d think, ‘why the hell is he on this, he’s far too talented!’

I was so close to doing the spoons, with the acoustic against my leg being so good!! But this talented young man would have shown me up! Class act on the spoons!

I love the vibe Graham gives out more then anything. He is incredibly talented and for a 1 man band he seriously raises the roof and gets everyone dancing! Even the 1 legged girls, as the lovely Sarah Dransfield will agree.

After Graham I popped into Moseley with my friend Jake for a couple of cocktails. “Hair of the dog that bit me” x100.

All in all it was a great night, but my god I will sleep well tonight! I don’t think I’ll be in the gym tomorrow morning neither. Making the most of my afternoon start tomorrow!

Water Fights 

I popped round to my brother’s Sunday afternoon for a little lounge in the sun with everyone. We had a little paddling pool set up for the kids. So of course I jumped straight in! I loved splashing around in the sun with my beautiful niece & nephew, Isabelle and Ted.

Little Izzy wasn’t happy when I got water in her face unexpectedly though. Too far Kelly! I hope she forgets it as quickly as I will, so we can be good friends again!

 I’m sorry darling!!!!

But to be fair, she gave just as good as she got! 😛

And as soon as Daniel saw her cry, he jumped in and got me with a freezing cold bucket of water. Fair play for picking on the one legged girl with a hangover.

Sarah in the sky! 

My amputee bestie is doing a skydive with her brother Andy on the 30th July. I’m so envious of them both! I would LOVE to do this!!!!

I’ve been advised not too sadly because of my surgery and head trauma but if you’d like to support these two darlings with a kind donation please do CLICK HERE

The next thing to tick off my bucket list… a sky dive with my brother…and what better charity to do it for than the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust! From racing me down hospital corridors in my wheelchair when I was having my treatment to winding me up at every opportunity, my brother has always been there, putting aside his own needs, concerns and fears at such a young age and loyally supporting me. Andrews friends were busy studying for their GCSE’s whilst he visited me every night during my chemotherapy. Not only did me having cancer cause a lot of trauma in his life but also changed our family life completely. So now on the 5 year anniversary of my amputation we thought we should to do something fun together AND also raise some money by jumping out of a plane…so on the 30th of July thats what we are going to do! Thanks in advance for all of your continued support 🙂 Sarah x

Until next time, peace xxx



#SSS Altruism Smiles



Elton John




I recently became a Spice girl!

Spice is a social activity group for ordinary people who want to do extraordinary things!
The membership group is nationwide with hundreds of local varied events every month plus an international holiday programme so you’re sure to meet new people, make friends and have fun by doing some great activities. To check them out CLICK HERE

I know I have lots of lovely friends and I love and appreciate having them in my life. But I don’t always have someone to just get up and go somewhere and do something crazy with. Being one of the very few single girl in my circle of friends means I need to make more like minded friends who do want to have fun without aimlessly looking for a relationship. I want to remain single for a year and see how I can get on with life totally on my own and become super independent and happy without the need of someone else.

In the early stages of my recovery, I used to be so so eager to get “back to normal” and get myself a boyfriend and start living a life similar to the one I had before my accident.

However, now I finally believe that that person and that lifestyle died the night of my accident. Some friends I had before drifted, understandably too, I’m not as crazy fun as I used to be. I’m aware that I can now sometimes be a nuisance to pre-crash friends. That’s just life. I’ve got over the loss it made me feel at first, super quick healer if you hadn’t guessed yet. 😉

I can’t drink on  nights out the way I used too. After all the anesthetics I’ve had, it really effects my ability to drink. Katie Piper mentioned to me at the Pride of Birmingham awards, that the same effect alcohol now has on her after all the ops she has undergone mean that she has to be careful with her intake. Shame I didn’t hear this before the awards as I did go over my limit that night! Easily done when there are endless free glasses of champagne on the tables and I felt safe in good company.

Elton John

The lovely Charley at work kindly offered to take me with her spare ticket to see Elton John at the Genting Arena on Wednesday evening! He was truly fabulous! Such a good showman and a real gentleman too.

The 4 Free Radio ladies all sat together, Amy, Yaz, myself and Charley. The lovely “Zumba Queen” Tracey was also there, a few seats behind us with her mom. I’m sure they both enjoyed it too.

I particularly liked Elton’s tribute to the those affected in the Manchester and London attacks.

Sang “I Want Love”

So I went to stay with my Dad and Anna yesterday. As dad is away for Fathers day I thought I’d make a bit more effort to see him before he leaves. We’ll all be going for a nice meal tomorrow evening but I went up there Saturday to see him and go for a meal.

I also needed some parental advice with a new purchase I’m planning on making. I’m notorious for jumping in head first into things that I like and want, without really looking at the bigger picture and going over all potential faults or flaws.

Yes it’s great to focus on positives all of the time, you do live a happy, carefree life when you do that. But it is also important to look at potential risks and hazards before committing into something you may later regret. My dad is quite good at looking at the bigger picture and all possible risks. Where as I’m almost totally blind to them!


Tracey – Zumba Instructor at Albert Lawn Tennis Club Fri 7pm-8pm Sun 10am-11am Levels 1,2, Zumba Core Strong by Zumba
My lovely friend Tracey from work runs a Zumba class in Tettenhall, not too far from my dad, on a Sunday morning 10-11am. So I promised I would head to that today to try it out. Now I had my sporty clothes and blade in a bag so brought them to Anna’s house Saturday and then set my alarm for 9am to get up and go.

I’m SO GLAD I did this! It was really lovely seeing Tracey and meeting a few of her lovely Zumba ladies. They’re a really lovely bunch.

As I was wearing my blade leg for this I thought it would be a little easier then with my every day leg. It does have a bit more spring in it. Sideways movements are quite difficult though, I must say!

Now, the knee joint has the option to lock so that the joint doesn’t bend. I assumed this would  be easier for me so I locked the knee for the most of the session. So basically the prosthetic was just sitting there to aid my balance for most of it. Other then side walks.

When we did a salsa part at the end though, I unlocked the knee so that the leg would flow more easily with me and my hip movements. You need to get your hips swinging with salsa moves and that just isn’t graceful enough with one side swinging away and the other side standing rigidly.


All in all, it was a really enjoyable time! Tracey is such a great instructor, with a constant smile on her face and upbeat persona. So I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be going back again for more Sunday dance fun!

If you can’t make a Sunday 10am session then try and get to a Friday evening one. They start at 7pm on a friday. As there isn’t one next Friday with a trip to London for the Bauer Media awards, I won’t make it. But I’ll try and get  to the next Friday session when I’ll next be staying up in Tettenhall with Anna for a weekend.


Please start your next week with a bit of Altruism…

Imagine If Everyone Did This

Guy offering help to strangers. Share if this inspired you!Credit: Produced by Jungle Creations & Viral Thread

‎Posted by Jay Shetty on‎ 5 فروری, 2017

Please be kind in a world full of hate and anger.

We need to be kind to one another more then ever at the moment. It’s really easy to do as well.

It requires minimal effort but can have such big impact on someone else’s life. Try it and watch how positive your life will become. Trust me it works!

Until next time, peace xxx

Seven Sunday Smiles #SSS








7. NOT

  1. PRIDE

Well last weekend at Pride was fun!!

Birmingham Pride is an annual festival for the LGBT community usually taking place over the Spring Bank Holiday. Now the UK’s biggest two-day gay festival, it attracts around 75,000 people. The event begins with a parade from the city centre to the Gay Village in Hurst Street, where a festival site hosts music acts, a dance arena with DJs, funfair, cabaret and stalls.

I met my lovely work friend Yaz in a pub in town called Eden. I had parked my car up at Chung Ying Gardens, and therefore walked the long strip of stands and Pride fuss, which was great to take in the atmosphere!


It was a shame I missed the actual parade section of the day though, although all the walking around and bumping into people would have been a little stressful. I didn’t want to drink neither as I was going for a meal for my sister Alex’s birthday.

So after a few drinks in Eden we all walked over to the stage where the various acts were playing and where the lovely Dan Morrissey  from Free was with his partner. We saw a couple of acts there but I couldn’t stay too long as I was going for a meal at 7pm.


My gorgeous baby sister Alex, turned 23 on 31st! She’s getting more and more beautiful each year!

We went for a lovely meal on Saturday, after Pride (So I still had glitter on my face!) I dropped nan home after our meal and then went back to the bar for a few celebratory drinks with Alex, her boyfriend Daniel and his sister Sarah.

I didn’t want to have too much to drink as I was driving down to Slough Sunday, but when I bought Alex the tray of “Birthday Shots” – labeled in the cocktail menu (successfully enticing people to buy them when out with someone who’s birthday you’re celebrating.) I ended up doing a couple of them!

Alex isn’t big on shots and I should have known this! But no, the bar man Sean caught me with his marketing skill and, as well as making up his own special cocktail for her, which she loved, I ended up buying the Birthday shots too! He could sell snow to the Eskimos he could. Well, if the Eskimo was as easy to sell to as me that is.

To check out The Horseshoes on TripAdvisor and to get direction to pop in for a cocktail made by the talented bar man, Sean CLICK HERE 

3. Arctic ONE & LimbPower

Bank Holiday Monday last week was bloody lovely! It was great being down at Dorney Lake with old friends and it was lovely making lots of new ones too. Through a great festival organised by Arctic One.

After running 5k (2 laps around the lake) which was so tiring and I didn’t do as well as I should have done really! I had a great sleep in the Premier Inn I stayed in the night before in Slough, and I had a good healthy breakfast at 7.30 am but by the time I had got to Dorney Lake and set off my energy levels just weren’t high enough! I ran/walked in and off all the round.

However I feel that if I really really pushed myself I could have done it in a shorter time. Although my run is literally walking pace, I could have kept it going for longer then I did. When I jogged around on the second lap, my beautiful ‘Mamma S’ did a brisk walk along side me! Thank you so much Sandra for doing that, you saw I was dipping and about to stop at the end of the first lap, so you so kindly supported me in the second lap and walked with me.This really helped me complete it succesfully.

I spent most of my time in the Ottobock tent with friends, as it was a glorious sunny day and I didn’t want my scars to be exposed to sun too much.


GO TRI Limb Power Training Day-Manchester

I’ve now signed up to a triathlon! With GO TRI – making triathlon fun and accessible for all. So I’ll be doing this in Manchester in a few weeks time!  A training day held by LimbPower so it will be lovely to meet up with some friends through that too. Can’t wait!

If you’d like to check this out and come with me, visit the details when you CLICK HERE

I’ll be driving up to Manchester from Birmingham at like 8am on Sunday 23rd July so if anyone would like to come along and needs a lift, let me know and I’ll pick you up on my way. If you can handle my Beyoncé singing up the M6 that is….


I had a lovely evening on Thursday with my new friend Joe. Well my new friends Joe and Mickey Flanagan!

I met Joe after work at Escape Live Birmingham where we had 60 minutes to work out how to escape the cell block we were locked up in. Room 13!

It’s really good team work building and also a little mentally tiring, which isn’t too hard for me to become. So we managed to escape in time. If we couldn’t get out of the cells in 60 mins we’d be “locked in forever”. The thought of being locked in and missing Micky at the Barclay Card Arena scared me enough! But we did it, I think Joe did most of the work there but we made it out, just in time!!

So when we got out I drove us back to work where I parked my car and we walked over to the Barclay Card Arena to see Micky Flanagan’s tour “An Another Fing”

He’s doing a few gigs down in London later this year, if you’d like to buy a ticket you can do when you HERE

I was really really lucky to get these two spare tickets from work. Thank you Salty! It was very off the cuff but it was lovely going to it and seeing the lovely Enya and meeting her handsome Phil, for a bit.

I was so mentally and physically tired from Escape and the walking, and knowing I had a full ‘Dolly’ at work the next day (9-5), followed by drinks with old work friends from my previous role at UM, that Joe and I sadly left Micky at the interval. I just had to get home and SLEEP!!!

I was in to work for 9am on Friday and the first thing I did when I got in, at 8.50am was check out the cocktail menu for Turtle Bay! As I sipped my coffee greeting all the lovely faces coming in to work. They do 241 cocktails on a Friday and I was meeting a group of girls from UM (my previous job at Universal McCann). They’re such a lovely bunch of girls and I love that they’re still inviting me to these meet ups! Really lovely friends.

Vicky, me, Nikki & Mel

Now I was relatively sensible on Friday with the food and coctails I had with these ladies.

Thank you ladies for a lovely catch up! It was great to see you three!


 I didn’t want to drink too much, as I was saving myself for a mega celebration with my lovely besties Alice & Paddy. Being their 1st year wedding anniversary!!!! This time last year I was so honored to be a part of their amazing day.


It was SUCH a beautiful day! Full of love and laughter.The most relaxed and enjoyable wedding ever.

I had a really lovely time with the O’Herron’s Bar yesterday!!

As first year anniversary is “paper” I popped into paperchase in Touchwood to pick up a card and a few gifts for them. Origami kit, flow bath bombs, “brief notes” pants notepad and, my absolute favourite, a finger pen! Which made a few fart noises when you pulled it. I was so close to keeping that gift for myself, it did make me giggle, simple things aye…


Massive thank you to the lovely Charley at Free for inviting me to join her at the Elton John gig this Wednesday at the Genting Arena! It will be a fabulous night! Can’t wait!!!

I’ll update you in my next blog post in a couple of weeks about my time with Elton! I’m sure it’ll be very memorable!

I’m looking forward to and hoping to see these four songs the most….

Please play these next week Elton and if you could dedicate Tiny Dancer to Alex Jane that would be really lovely!

6. NOT

Just a little poem for each lovely reader who gets this far down my posts…..if anyone actually does that is.


by Erin Hanson

You are not your age,
Nor the size of clothes you wear,
You are not a weight,
Or the colour of your hair.
You are not your name,
Or the dimples in your cheeks,
You are all the books you read,
And all the words you speak,
You are your croaky morning voice,
And the smiles you try to hide,
You’re the sweetness in your laughter,
And every tear you’ve cried,
You’re the songs you sing so loudly,
When you know you’re all alone,
You’re the places that you’ve been to,
And the one that you call home,
You’re the things that you believe in,
And the people that you love,
You’re the photos in your bedroom,
And the future you dream of,
You’re made of so much beauty,
But it seems that you forgot,
When you decided that you were defined,
By all the things you’re not.

Until then, peace xxx