Hump Day Smiles

It’s Wednesday and I thought I’d do a blog post as I will be too self indulged next weekend to write.

(Self indulged with pain killers and lots of fruit.)

Well James Arthur was bloody fabulous!

I especially loved his tribute to George Michael with his brilliant cover of Careless Whisper.

I was very fortunate to get tickets from work and VERY fortunate to have my favourite Dorset lady come up to Birmingham to go to the gig and stay over with me.

It was so lovely to see you Hannah! Thanks for coming all the way up to Birmingham. Even if you did wake me up at Godly hours on a Sunday for you to get back to your training!

Thank you for coming Hannah, and THANK YOU so much for my lovely birthday card and present! Very sweet of you.

Eeeeeek! It’s operation eve night tonight!!!! I need to be at the QE short stay unit for 10am tomorrow morning to strip off to my 100% cotton undies.  Nil by mouth from 12pm means I will not be getting out of bed till 9.45 and hopping straight into my Grandads car to get to the hospital. The thought of sitting there hungry is what scares me the most!

It’s so strange how something so small and repetitive can have such an emotional impact on you! I mean, this has been going on every 6 months for the past 4 years now and I STILL get a little anxious the night before an op.

It’s not a sad/scared anxious, luckily, but just an unsettling bit of anxiety. Similar to the ones you’d get the night before an exam at school. You now when you get a bit nervous about the outcome, even though you’re well revised and predicted an A* the fear of failing is always there. Well it was for me anyway.

When I go under general anaesthetic, the fear of not waking up is always at the back of my mind. And….I always have had them just before my birthday or Christmas, so the thought of not waking up and  getting my presents is a bloody strong fear! 😛

I’m confident that I am in the best hands at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital though. So that does comfort me. I love seeing old faces too! The catch up with friendly faces in the theatre room before you get the anaesthetic injection is always lovely. Great ‘bants’ in that section of the hospital. I’m totally on form when the nerves kick it too!

So if anyone is curious as to what I’m having done, it’s similar to the previous operation I had last year. Another fat transfer from my stomach to my cheek. I’m glad it’s after my birthday this year, as I have over indulged myself the last few weeks!

A brow lift on my scarred side to open my eye a little more and then another batch of steroid injections along the thick scars around my neck and jaw line.  This will help the build up of tissue to flatten down a bit more.

I’m lucky having the week off work to recover after the op, so I’ll be at home awaiting the keys to my new flat. That will be so excited and will keep me upbeat and feeling positive.

If you don’t know by now, I suffer so terribly from post op blues! This smile of mine is harder to keep going when in pain and having drug highs leave the body. I’ll make sure I relax and eat lots of lovely healthy food to keep me upbeat and positive in the recovery week though.

Please do send me all of your funny jokes though too please. I really appreciate them when they come through to me! Just the fact that you’ve thought of me makes me smile, so to make me laugh with a joke is even better!  

At least when I wake up I can start on an advent calendar! That’s something nice to look forward too 🙂

I will also be getting the keys to my flat so that will be very exciting news to wake up to after the op tomorrow morning.

My darling bestie Myra will be in the QE for her operation on Monday, after me, so I will be back in there to visit her and maybe pick up some scar cream while I’m at it. It’s good to stay up on supplies when you’re creaming stitches post op. I’ve no idea as to what stitches I’ll have this time. I’m hoping it is similar to the last one I had with just one long stitch to pull out in one go. We’ll see.

My main motivation to heal well and get back up on my foot/blade, is to a) do (BMF) British Military Fitness training with my gang at Cannon Hill park, and b) to get my dancing feet on for Graham! Graham Buxton my favourite live performer. Playing in Fletcher in Kings Heath on Saturday 9th, I CAN’T WAIT!!! This will also be the first night I sleep in my new flat! My new mattress arrives on the Friday 8th! PARTY BACK AT MINE!!!!! (Jokes, I don’t want a mess for the first few days I’m there.)

Eeeek I can’t wait for a night out for this. If it’s anything like the last gig I saw him it’ll certainly be one to remember!

Also, Dorset Orthopedics want to take images of me for their media pieces and they’ve kindly said they will photoshop the stitched out for me! Looking forward to seeing how I look in these!  Maybe they can make me look a bit taller and slim too. We’ll see.

So I definitely NEED to wake up Friday morning! I will be so pissed off if I don’t! I know I’m probably just getting the general pre op nerves, but I do feel like I have A LOT more to lose this time around. Life is pretty perfect for me at the minute and I don’t want it to stop!

Let’s not get emotional and ridiculous though Jackson, of course you’ll wake up surrounded with love and chocolates. I’m very fortunate to have an amazing family and friends who I can always count on for support. I’m the luckiest girl the world! And I’m so grateful and love you more then words can say!

Until next time, peace xxx