Love is in the air…


Willy Mason

Valentines Day


Ash Wednesday

Willy Mason

Well, last night was fabulouzo! A massive big thank you to my dear friend Mary, for letting me have one of her spare ticket to see him! This walking ball of talent is such a sweet man!

I first saw Willy back in Glastonbury 2007, this is where I first fell in love.

The last time I saw him though, was at Moseley Folk Festival in 2011. That was SUCH a good festival! I need to go back soon! Now I’m living near by it would be a shame not too!

As you can see, he is ageing like a fine wine, and sounds so good with his slightly aged voice….

…. (trying to butter him up to one day play at my wedding 😛 – It’s not for everyone, but I’m determined not to die a spinster !)

I will be repaying Mary’s kindness with a bit of Stereophonic’s on the 1st of March at the Genting Arena.

Valentines Day

Here’s a lovely video a friend sent to me today. If anyone needs a bit of love, give it a watch.

Happy “spend money on unnecessary gifts” day! 😛

No, the truth is, I love it! I’m a consumer sucker at Valentines day! I buy cards for so many people I love. Family, friends and of course my handsome boyfriend.

I’m Clinton’s favourite type of person. A real sucker! And proud!! If it makes someone smile, it can’t be that bad, surely?

I must admit, this year has been my favourite one so far! (No offence to my ex’s)

Although I don’t get to spend time with my love, he sent over some really lovely gifts for me! He is so thoughtful and I’m ridiculously grateful and feel very lucky to have him.

Where most girls get roses, which is lovely….. I GOT A FRIGGING STAR!!!!!!!!!!

My blog will last forever and go down in history! I better make sure I keep the domain name and post for the rest of my life!

And would you look at this lovely picture too!

I’m so glad our names make an even number of 22.

You have no idea how much I dislike odd numbers! I know it’s weird, but I can’t help it! Well, I probably could if I really tried, but it doesn’t deserve such effort.

Until something wonderful occurs on an odd number, to even out the horrible accident of mine being 19/05/13, odd numbers will remain disliked.

So I’ve got myself a ticket to go to an Observatory at my old dig, the place I gained some of my favourite brain cells, which hopefully aren’t any of the ones that got injured in my accident! The University of Birmingham. I graduated with a 2:1 in Theology there back in 2008.

 I can’t wait to visit the uni again. I was there in the grand hall last year for the Pride of Birmingham, but it will be so cool to check out a new area in the astronomy centre.

Let’s hope they can find my star! I would love to see it!

I’ll do another post telling you that I found my star and it was beautiful! Hopefully.

He is such a keeper, the keeper of all keepers! It certainly makes up for the fact that his job sees more of him then me. But it’s what I signed up for, so I can’t complain. Not that I would. I love having my own space and time for friends and family. I do miss him though and I can’t wait to kiss him when I’m over for a holiday. I CAN NOT WAIT!


To make me smile even more, I’m extremely excited to see The Last Leg this Friday!

Is it ok to bring these three men a valentines card?  😛

I’m leaving work an hour early to hopefully miss the traffic down to London. Finger crossed there are no bad accidents and hold ups on my way down. Can’t wait to see my friend Hannah!

Josh Widdicomb,  

Adam Hill

(I know he’s old enough to be my dad but I have a not so secret crush on Adam. Who doesn’t? What a handsome man!)

Alex Brooker 

I’m meeting my good friend Hannah down in Cheswick where we’re staying and getting a taxi to the studios to see it. I’m sure that evening will be full of smiles!

Thank you so much to Emma & Leigh from SteelBones for sorting these spare tickets out for us. It’s such a lovely treat!

Steel Bones is such a lovely charity that started last year. They do incredible events for amputees and limb impaired people, to help bring a bit of joy in their lives. I feel very lucky to have them as friends. Incredibly kind people. To check out their facebook page and sign up to their mailing list CLICK HERE

Ash Wednesday

To all of my fellow Catholic friends. I hope you go and get your ashes today. I did set my alarm to go this morning, however I couldn’t get myself out of bed after the Willy excitement last night! (That sounds wrong! *Catholic girls are the worst!)

I’m heading to my parish St. Ambrose Barlow tonight at 7pm for a blessing. Before going for a lovely meal with my God Mother.

Love is definitely in the air right now, I am loving life and all the amazing people in it!

Until next time, peace xxx