Mid Week Smile Sermon – Mental Health

Happy Wednesday beautiful people.

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to my blade life hero and dear friend Mark Pattenden. 

I haven’t been my smiley self the last few days, I’m not sure why, could be my stinking cold/man flu. But sometimes you just outrun yourself with positivity and you need a couple of days to mope.

When you have these days, acknowledge them and just lie there with them. Knowing in time that they will pass. And they always do. Trust me!

It was international Mental Health week at the start of October and I did want to do a post about it as it is a very important issue. 

I’m glad the media are supporting it so well.

I’ve loved seeing all of the support for mental illness in the last few weeks. 

Sometimes you feel like NONE of your plans are working out, but I won’t moan about them – that won’t change anything but my energy levels and I do not want them dipping. You need to keep your energy high to remain positive.
In the words of Ronan…

I totally appreciate the fact that my next cosmetic operation isn’t life or death.  If an emergency appointment comes rushing in and takes my place I will be gutted, however I’ll appreciate they need my surgeons help more then me…. HOWEVER, that does not stop me from feeling shit for a few days after.

This did upset me for a few days when I first heard the news. But que sera sera. It’s no biggie. On a positive note, I’m off to Rome on Friday! My lovely boyfriend is taking me away for my birthday weekend.

Wow, to spend my 29th in Rome will seriously be the best birthday weekend EVER! It falls on a Sunday, so I’ll hear mass said by Pope Francis on my birthday! I’m so lucky!

Although I won’t be coming home for my operation 13th Nov, I’ll sure be coming home with lots of lovely smiles! My darling sister is letting me borrow her Instagram polaroid camera too, so we can take lots of lovely snaps that I can use for decorations in my new flat!  I’m such a lucky lady.

I’m super excited to open a lovely birthday parcel from Medal Miles that arrived this week. I’ll bring it to Rome with me and open it on my birthday, as instructed on the parcel envelope. I have a feeling it’s a Miles Bear, which would be so lovely to have in Rome with me. Thank you Tammie, very sweet of you to send me a birthday gift!

I popped to my gorgeous friend, baby mommas in the making, Alice’s for dinner last night and she gave me a card and present to open when I’m home on Monday too. I have such thoughtful people in my life. Thank you to everyone who makes me smile, and always giving me something to write about!

My gorgeous bestie, Myra, turned 30 last week and although I did pop round to see her with a card and present we haven’t actually celebrated together yet. So I’m looking forward to a lovely dinner date with her tonight at Shiraz. It’s such a lovely persian restaurant! Our favourite meeting spot!

Myra is such a gorgeous person who I am incredibly lucky to have in my life. Check out her beautiful instagram image CLICK HERE 

I won’t be doing a post this Sunday as I’ll be busy chatting with Pope Francis. But I’ll do a Sunday blog post the week after, Sunday 19th. I can’t wait to tell  you all about my travels!

Stay tuned,