SSS – Snow What, Still Smiling!

I’m sorry I haven’t put much effort into this late post. I have pushed a pile of smiles into my blog, in hope that they are in chronological order. And guess what, I’m NOT going to talk about the weather. I don’t talk about things that steal my smile, so not giving more then this little intro. Just a simple PISS OFF SNOW!!! …. Now, my smiles….

The Last Leg

#ISITOK to not look at the camera as it passes because you’re scared people might see you and your makeup isn’t at it’s best? 😛 – I’m joking. If I knew it was on me I would have waved! I’m so uncool!

 It was a great show to be at though. Lovely to see some of the Paralympic Snowboard team that were there too. With the likes of Owen Pick.

Thank you so much to the lovely Emma and Leigh from Steel Bones for inviting myself and Hannah. We had a great time!


I can walk around in my pants now! I’m so happy for sorting out my central heating and getting a new combi boiler fitted. It will definitely increase the value of my flat, for in the future when I want to sell. So it’s a great little investment! Even if it has dent the bank a little, it is well worth it! (I hope!)

Thank you 

Of course I did my research (well my super supportive neighbours June & Bill did most of the research for me!)

I’m happy with this one so far anyway. Fingers crossed I don’t have any problems with it.

Daniel’s so OLD!

Happy belated birthday to my big brother Daniel.

Thank you for not being too cross when I cut your hair so badly. And Thanks for being so bad at fishing that I caught all the fish for our dinner.

Time is passing by so quickly! So let’s not fall out about it. I promise to never cut your hair again, and I will let you stand up stream next time, to help you catch more, especially now that you have more mouths to feed!

Happy 31st Granddad!!! xxx

All about the love.

Here’s To Love-  McCains tv ad saw in the ad break of First Dates valentines special. I do love that program! I never really watched it much before, but since my bestie Sarah was on it, I’m hooked now!

Sarah was the first female leg amputee to be featured on it and it must have been so so liberating for so many other single leg amputees. It was for me at the time! I was very close to signing up to it actually, not long after her time there.

They find such good matches for everyone too. I’m glad I didn’t though, as I wouldn’t have met Mike if I did! And he’s a real lifelong keeper! If there are any single people out there looking for love, watch First Dates. It shows so many people from different background and different ages, that it is bound to give you a bit of love inspiration.

To sign up to this, fill in your details HERE and hopefully Fred can give you some dating tips while your date is on the loo. 😉


My Granddad is seriosly the kindest, caring man to walk this planet! That is not at all an exaggeration, it is a fact! Anyone who knows him will agree with me too! He is kindly painting my flat for me, while I’m away over St Patrick’s day weekend.

As I’ll be in Gibraltar visiting Mike and of course my Aunt Tee and Uncle David, I can’t wait to see them all! I think it will be my favorite St Patrick’s day to date. Eeeeeek.

And when I get home, I’ll be walking into a lovely clean and fresh looking apartment.

The positive energy you give out really does come back to you. So shine shine shine and let’s all melt this chilly start to spring!

Star Gazing

So this week, I’m off to University of Birmingham. I’m heading there on Wednesday after work. I can not wait!!!! Hopefully my dad can come with me too. I know he’ll enjoy it.

Firstly, there’s a talk about astronomy, starting at 5.30, I probably won’t get to that from work, we’ll see if I can sneak off a little earlier. Then a viewing through a telescope. I’m really hoping they can find my star that Mike kindly bought for me for Valentines (if you missed my last post.) FINGERS CROSSED I CAN SEE IT!!!!!!

I’m feeling incredibly blessed and happy with my life at the minute and I’m grateful to everyone who makes me smile and fuels me with positivity and gratitude. You know who you are!!

Stereophonics – Caught by the SNOW!

P.S back to hating the snow, F U for spoiling my plans to see Stereophonics with my dearest Marycakes last week! If anyone else missed that gig, keep your ticket safe as they are kindly rescheduling the act for those who missed it! Yippeee!!!

To read about it CLICK HERE   for Birmingham Mail OR HERE for Express & Star